Saturday, September 29, 2012

Things that Interest Me

I am interested in a lot of things. It's like I want to accomplish everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything. I am loving the work I have at my job. I have been working on some really interesting projects. One of them is in the state of California. It is a wastewater treatment plant. There are two new clarifies being installed and some large 200 HP blowers for the basins. I wish I could see the plant,  but my boss does all the inspecting and documentations, and the meetings. Even without the experience of visiting,  the project has been quite an adventure. There has been numerous changes and a lot of coordination to keep it straight. It is also the largest project I have ever done. I am excited to say that the construction plans are almost finished and the project can begin installing all the equipment. Maybe I'll be able to visit the site along with my boss for a final inspection,  but I might not be able to since it costs so much,  or because of other commitments.

There's also another project I'm working on locally for an airport. There's been a couple of fires caused by electrical code violations and the airport needs our help to get everything configured correctly. There are many aircraft hangars and each of them has an electrical panel. This means a lot of work is being done documenting the installations and noting any code violations. Needless to say,  there has been many. Not so many of great urgency but have potential to cause problems if something un ordinary happens. The worst I've seen so far is breakers feeding power to undersized wires. This could cause a fire since the breaker won't trip when there's a high current-a larger electrical wire is needed to handle higher capacity. Although the work is a little tedious, it has been a great experience to get out of the office time to time and visit the airport to document the equipment. It's nice to get some fresh air and not be stuck in an office all day,  ya know??

I'm learning some really cool stuff in school this semester. I'm taking the second general engineering course and circuits 1. I'll have to post some of the things I've built, such as a model of a v6 engine drawn in a program called Solidworks.

Also, I've really been into smartphones lately. I have never had one before so I have been opened up to a world filled with more technology than I've ever experienced before. My new smartphone is the best thing I've had since I got my Nintendo DS in 2004. I'm not saying I use it just for entertainment but the mobility of Internet, computing, and communication has been an extraordinary experience. I think it's the coolest thing to have Google maps right in my pocket to quickly navigate through town. Or, an app called Yelp, to find nearby food joints and services. Not to mention you can check in and get discounts and other deals. How cool is that? The possibilities are really endless, so I've seen. I've even been able to connect my Sony PS3 controller to my phone and use it to play super Nintendo games. Seriously, these smartphones are really something. In fact, I'm writing this very post on my phone (so, please forgive any errors I my text).

I wonder what the future will continue to unfold. It really is an adventure out in the world.